Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

St. Cecilia's Church
(Mission at Henderson)
Rectory/Mailing Address: 17 Grove Street
Adams, NY  13605
Parish Address: 23 Grove Street
Telephone: 315-232-2392
E-mail: adamscatholic@yahoo.com
Website: stceciliaandqoh.org/
Rectory Telephone: 315-203-4044
Pastor: Rev. Martin E. Cline
Deacon: Lawrence R. Ambeau

Alexandria Bay
The Catholic Community of Alexandria
Worship Sites:
St. Cyril's Church, 28 Walton Street, Alexandria Bay
St. Francis Xavier Church, 28685 Butterfield Lake Road, Redwood
Rectory/Mailing Address:
17 Rock Street
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
Telephone: 315-482-2670
Fax: 815‑301-1901
E-mail: pastor@stcyrils.org
Website: www.stcyrils.org
Pastor: Reverend Douglas G. Comstock
Deacons: Bernard E. Slate, Joel E. Walentuk

Church of the Holy Angels
(Also parish at Sciota)
Parish Address: 522 Davils Den Road
Rectory Address: 524 Devils Den Road
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 113
Altona, NY  12910
Telephone: 518-236-5848
Fax: 518-236-4249
E-mail: holyangels@primelink1.net
Holy Angels Hall: 523 Devils Den Road
Oratory: St. Alexis, Jericho
Temporary Administrator: Rev. Adrian Gallagher

Au Sable Forks
The Catholic Community of Holy Name and St. Matthew
(Also parish at Keeseville)
(Mission at Wilmington)
Rectory/MailingAddress: 10 Church Lane
PO Box 719
Au Sable Forks, NY 12912
Telephone: 518-647-8225
Email: ccofhnandsm@gmail.com
Holy Name Parish Center: 14207 State Route 9N
Pastor: Reverend Kris C. Lauzon
Deacon Assistants: John J. Ryan, John D. Lucero
Worship Site - Church of the Holy Name, Au Sable Forks
14203 Route 9N
Oratory: St. Matthew's, Black Brook

Black River
St. Paul's Church
(Also parish at Deferiet)
Rectory/Mailing Address: 208 Leray Street
Black River, NY 13612
Parish Address: 210 Leray Street
Telephone: 315-773-5672
Fax: 315-775-9786
E-mail: sp.sr6@outlook.com
Pastor: Rev. Robert L. Decker
Deacon Assistant: William S. Raven

See Saranac Lake

Blue Mountain Lake
St. Paul's Church
(Mission of Indian Lake)
3426 NYS Route 28, Blue Mountain Lake
Mailing Address: PO Box 332, Indian Lake, NY 12842
Telephone: 518-648-5422
Fax: 518-648-0323
E-mail: smil@frontiernet.net
Pastor: Rev. Philip T. Allen

St. Joseph's Church
(With Parishes at Chateaugay, Constable and Fort Covington)
Parish Address: 22 County Route 4
Mailing Address & Parish Office: St. Mary’s Center
3 Burns-Holden Road
P.O. Box 499
Fort Covington, NY 12937
Telephone: 518-358-2500
Fax: 518-358-4471
Website: http://www.smsjcatholics.com/
E-mail: stmaryfort@centralny.twcbc.com
Pastor: Rev. Thomas Kornmeyer, VF
Pastoral Associate: Deacon Brian Dwyer
DRE: Jocelyn Kelly

Brasher Falls
St. Patrick's Church
(With Parish at North Lawrence)
Parish Address: 836 State Highway 11C
Parish Office/Rectory Address: 834 State Highway 11C
Parish Center: 838 State Highway 11C
Mailing Address: PO Box 208
Brasher Falls, NY 13613
Telephone: 315-389-5401
E-mail: parish@twcny.rr.com
Pastor: Rev. Garry B. Giroux
Christian Faith Formation: Ms. Christine Leahy
Gabriel Project Ministry: 315-389-5191

The Roman Catholic Community of Brownville and Dexter
Worship Site: Immaculate Conception Church - 214 West Main Street, Brownville
(Also Parish at Sackets Harbor)
Rectory/Mailing Adddress:
119 W. Main Street
PO Box 99
Brownville, NY 13615
Telephone: 315-782-1143
Fax: 315-210-6365
E-mail: icses@twcny.rr.com
Pastor: Rev. J. Michael Gaffney
DRE: Christina M. Corey
Parish Center Telephone: 315-788-7240

St. Mary's Church
(Also parish at North Bangor)
1347 State Route 11
Brushton, NY 12916
Telephone: 518-529-7433
E-mail: office@stmarysbrushton.org
Website: www.staugustinesandstmarys.org/
Pastor: Rev. Raymond J. Moreau
DRE: Judy King 518-483-6209
Parish Center Telephone: 518-529-6580